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lifting Capacity from 250 kg to 5000 kg - for wall mounting

  • Worm gear operated winch with a machine cut worm wheel and shaft mounted on bearings
  • Two speed operation on 2, 3 and 5 tonne models by displacement of the crank
  • Fabricated steel frame suitable for wall mounting
  • Options

  • Zinc plated protection
  • Multi Compartment Drum
  • Grooved Drum
  • Pneumatic operation via one of our drive devices


  • 14 Hoists for the Hogan Suite project were installed yesterday and I'm glad to say that everything worked as it should be straight out of the box. The whole Load Guard and Guardian control set up was so easy to work with on-site, top top products and service from LTM. So good even the Sparks couldn't complain. Again many thanks for all your assistance on this project, it was very much appreciated.
  • Repaired 3 motors today, couldn't have done it without the excellent training and guidance I received from @LiftTurnMove Motor School in 2014!
  • I know the transport issues had nothing to do with you but thank-you for getting everything sorted so quickly. We also appreciate your collective efforts to get the chain bag fitting and length to our specifications and the design work put in to get the rain jackets sorted.
  • Morning Dave,  James has come in today very enthusiastic after his one-on-one training yesterday.  He feels he got a lot out of the day and feels a lot more confident with LoadGuard hoists Thanks again to you and Jack.
  • Thanks for our places on the recent Motor School, we all felt it was well delivered. Your hospitality was very much appreciated!
  • Four LG20 on their way into the truck after a long night suspending two tons of PA. A factor of 1:10 and double brakes is brilliant! No safetychains=quick loadout!   - KonsertSystemer
  • Wow Geoff, I'm impressed and it's just great to get this kind of support, it's very professional and considerate of our needs.    Regards,   - Michael
  • Thanks to the guys at Ltm - Lift Turn Move, our new LG20's arrived yesterday! 24m HOL, and 1ton D8+!   - Kai Vider Bech
  • A huge thank you to lift Turn Move Ltd for supplying us with a wire rope pulling device, shackles and round slings, so we can attach the rope to a tree or post in the event of getting stuck! Fingers crossed we dont!Great advice received from James in their sales team, who was extremely helpful. Check out their website for a whole host of lifting equipment. Thanks again to everyone at lift Turn Move Ltd.   - George Cusworth – Mammoth Steppe
  • That’s great Robert thank you very much, We do like doing business with LTM and find you as our preferred supplier. We haven’t had any problems with you or your company & like doing business with yourselves. Hopefully speak to you soon…
  • Thanks for the panel - lovely wiring job inside!
  • The controller looks stunning, we are very impressed, the internal wiring looks top-class. Please pass on our appreciation to your team, and thank you very much for your time and patience.
  • Many thanks for all your help on this project, the client is really happy with the end result. When I was training them on the control panel they were impressed at how easy it was to use
  • RE: LTM Motor School very worthwhile and well recommended to anyone with a curiosity about how the beast that is the Loadguard works! @stagetechuk
  • Well I have to admit I was a wee bit sceptical with your expected delivery date... but the winch has just arrived on the corner of my desk..almost feel obliged to use it today now.. well maybe! Thanks for the prompt delivery, Cheers, Andrew.
  • Could I thank you for your continued support with some of the hoist and truss projects with which we get involved.  It's good to know that we have support and help from knowledgeable guys in the industry such as your team and we look forward to what should be a bumper year in 2012 in spite of the overall gloom in the economy. 
  • Dear Robert, On re reading your reply again can I compliment you on your regard to safety. Other Companies came back with just price and availability with no comment on how we proposed to use these ratchet straps. It’s very refreshing to find somebody who actually read and understood what I wrote. Many thanks again for your guidance. Best wishes Paul Lunnon
  • That is great. Thank you very much for the fabulous customer service. It is a pleasure working with you. Happy Easter to you. Regards, Sean
  • Dear Rob Thank you very much, we look forward to receiving it. Can I just say that your 2 engineers have bee very pleasant and professional to work with and are a credit to your company. We have been very pleased with the service they have done, could you please pass this on to them? With best regards, Sam
  • Thank you so much Jenny. It is always a pleasure to deal with your company and I look forward to putting a bit more business your way soon. If you see John in the near future then please pass on my regards. I very much enjoyed John's workshop in Pitlochry in February and I would be very interested in any more intensive training that you have to offer.
  • Hi John, Just a quick thank you to you and all the team at LTM for helping us out with the consumables and the tools sent to Spain last week, it made all the difference to the guys on site. A note from John Jones: I thought we should elaborate - we received an order from a large rigging company for spares to be sent out by TNT overnight service to Spain to rectify an older hoist giving trouble . Amongst the parts were chain guides that needed to be changed on site so that a major production c...
  • Hi Carl, Thank you so much for all your help in getting this done in such a short space of time, we really really appreciate it! Can you also pass our thanks on to everyone else involved? Thanks again! Kim
  • Hi David, Luckily, we’ve succeeded in starting working together this year. And I very much hope we can continue in this line. Thank you and everyone at LTM for the good job and have a profitable show.
  • Hi David, Luckily, we’ve succeeded in starting working together this year. And I very much hope we can continue in this line. Thank you and everyone at LTM for the good job and have a profitable show.
  • Hi John, Just an email to say thanks for yesterday it was very educational and I came away with a lot of new information, and everyone I met was extremely friendly and helpful,. Can you also please thank Geoff, he did an exceptionally good job, and explained things very thoroughly and easy to follow with the proof being in the pudding as I have just stripped a GCH500 down and managed to put it all back together. AND IT STILL WORKS… Once again thanks and look forward to meeting you all ...
  • Hello John and David Thankyou for your help with my lodestar model l problem, I changed the phases and the hoist is working. So I need only a short time to repair the two lodestars. Thank you very much. I like people who are specialists.
  • Hi James, The package arrived yesterday! Thank you for the quick delivery!It was a pleasure to order from you!
  • Thanks again for your help in Liverpool with Muse, above and beyond and very much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed the show.Best Regards, Reuben Pinkney, Muse rigging.
  • Hello Jenny I have just received my 2 hoist in fine working condition. Thank you for you support, your work and advice clearly shows that the repair shop I normally use doesn’t know what they have been doing.
  • We were very impressed with the Loadguard hoists we used on the Liverpool Summer Pops 2009 shows. The hoists were easy to rig, smooth running and the silent nature of the mechanism was a definite surprise. The hoists fitted seamlessly with our current control systems and presented no change to our usual hoists. The fact that all the motors were double braked and BA 7906: Part 1- Category A certified enabled us not to safety the front truss saved us both production costs and time during the ...
  • When we decided to invest in hoists it was not a decision we took lightly. For us this represented a significant investment and with so many different hoist options available to us we undertook some serious research before parting with our cash. Before we bought our hoists we spoke to several people who had used LoadGuard and they all raved about their performance so we knew we were investing in a quality product, our only reservation was investing in a new product that was not common i...
  • As a lighting and Rigging hire and installation company based in Ireland, through the course of our work as riggers, we use many brands of Electric Chain hoists when rigging for visiting tours. When selecting the correct hoist for any job, whether hire or install, we always consider the needs of the job, and select a hoist that best suits these needs. In the Loadguard range we have found a hoist that is extremely versatile, and can be configured to meet almost any need. Key points in...
  • We do have plans to purchase new motors and rigging and when we get to this time I will certainly be buying them from LTM based on recent price and customer service we have experienced.
  • Hi john, good to hear from you sorry I missed you at t this year I was on the graveyard shift so no fun for me, still a good gig this year. Thanks to you James and all the team always a pleasure working with you I’ll be speaking to the Group Tech Manager soon and as always I will be recommending you. All the best Ally
  • Dear all, In the name of GIS, I would like to thank you a lot for all your efforts and this exceptional service! Best regards Andreas Nuenlist
  • That’s great thank you, should keep the inspectors off my back for another 6 months at least. I can’t say it enough, it is just great dealing with you guys, always quick with the answers so thanks again for this and your continued good service.
  • Hi Dave, Yes please. PO Attached. It's the usual friday phone call! Excellent service, thanks again!
  • Thanks, you guys are brilliant as usual!
  • We've been looking for sometime for a company to take on the test and inspection of GLS's growing rigging inventory. After several false starts from companies who should know better, we have finally found the solution. Lift Turn Move's new service met our needs perfectly, the job was done quickly and efficiently by technicians who clearly knew the requirements inside out and the documentation was prompt and correct. I cant recommend this new service enough
  • LTM have been extremely helpful in supporting us as a charity, servicing our lodestars and other lifting gear efficiently and cost-effectively - and going the extra mile when helping with collection and delivery!
  • Jenny you're a star. Have forwarded it to Sir. Thankyou for your swift attention. Please also convey thanks to whoever put that order together - textbook! Take care Chris
  • Thanks very much for the speedy response, most helpful.
  • The stuff had just arrived. Everything looks great, the cases are fantastic and really it's a pleasure work with LTM.
  • Thank-you for all your work thus far, LTM have provided a great service
  • Hi John and Dave, Thank you very much for the motor school on Saturday it was great and very enlightening. Thanks again
  • Just wanted to thank you for the training this week I learnt a lot and had a great time.
  • Thank you so much for the call this morning regarding use of Stac Chain. We value your knowledge and it's good to see people are looking out for us rental companies. We've decided to take your advise and go with our current stock of Stac Chain, rather than spending a lot of money unecessarily on locking clutch chains. Can you advise us if we should put any special wording in our H&S document for the tour, regarding our using Stac Chain? Thanks again for all your help.
  • Just wanted to extend my thanks to you and Geoff on a good job well done. Thanks for your efforts - we will be in touch for future jobs.
  • Hi Jenny, Thank you for all your help on this one! You have been a mega star! If you were in the ENGLAND Rugby team you would have beaten us!
  • As always I want to thank you for having the foresight to publish your news letter. Not only is it a great way to get your name in front of a lot of people but it is great press for CM and our products. Keep up the great work and thanks again for all your support.
  • Ian Hassell rang you about a query of mine a few weeks back and you were kind enough to send me a whole load of material about best practice regarding safetys on flown loads. I don't think I ever got around to thanking you properly. It really helped us sort out a response to a couple of really arsey touring riggers questioning our policy. I have noted your web site and what services you offer, and will certainly be in touch if I find myself in need of that kind of thing in future. ...
  • Thanks fore the newsletter I got from you. We have been the biggest Lodestar user in Sweden fore 10-15 years but i have never get any info regarding Lodestar. So I am very glad that you have take contact with us now I feel that we have backup and help fore the Lodestar we have. Thanks!!!!
  • Hi Dan, Meant to do this earlier but it's been one of 'those' days... Encoders turned up just after 09.30am, all good so thank you very much to all you guys over there for sorting this and getting them over to us so quickly, much appreciated.
  • Dear LTM,. I would like to thank you in the name of my team for visiting us in our lighting workshop in Dubai.. It was beneficial to get all the explanation and notes on how to deal with our own motorized chain hoist in terms of preventive maintenance and check up
  • I would like to thank you for your quick response and cooperation. We are looking forward to a new coopearation in the near future.
  • As a company we were looking on how we could improve our manual handling of goods both around our building and goods received and dispatch areas. A representative from LTM came to see us and recommended a manual handling system with a weight read out. This made a significant improvement in our ability to handle goods quickly and effectively. This increase in flexibility actually led us to purchase a further manual handing system. The overall service from LTM was of the hig...
  • Hi Dan, I made it back in one piece yes. Same goes here, Nice meeting you and everybody there as indeed, it is difficult to put a face on somebody. The school was very useful, We all improved a lot on the lacks of knowledge we had before and it proved quite educational to rip a hoist completely apart and get it back together, ending up without spare screws or anything AND getting it to actually work... Good servicing a hoist is one thing, selling it another, and y...
  • You make things easy...... I ring up........ I get a price (Immediately)........ you have stock........ I place an order........ you despatch the goods........ customer happy........no hassle to me........easy........ Thanks for your help
  • Dear Sales, I would just like to thank you and the team at LTM for swinging into action at the last minute and helping us find a solution to the load arrest shortage - it was much appreciated and I look forward to doing business with you again soon..
  • Thank you & your tech team for all the support you have been giving us. Looking forward to a strong business relationship.
  • Thanks James, Great service Cheers, Clive
  • Jenny, That's great, I will send a van over this morning.... Please pass on my thanks to the LTM team for sorting this motor at last minute..! Above and beyond the call of duty
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  • G-PRO EntertainmentHoist controller range hits top note

    This article originally appreared in Lift & Hoist Magazine. A PDF copy of the article can be downloaded here. A rack-mounted hoist controller supplied by Wirral, UK-based Lift Turn Move Limited (LTM) is receiving rave reviews from the entertainment industry. The Guardian G-PRO fixed speed chain motor controller range is designed by experienced entertainment industry professionals, prompting positive feedback from UK and European production and staging companies, most notably from the hire sector. White Light, of London, which specialises in entertainment equipment supply, rental and installation, has been a UK distribution outlet for the LTM entertainment-based product ranges since 2012. White Light's rental stock is one of the largest and most diverse in the UK. An enormous range ...
  • Spindle supports being used in Industrial Applications

    Our Spindle Supports are used in aerospace maintenance applications, also manufacturing and construction applications.  Here a re a few pictures of them in action:
  • Always Improving...

    At LTM we always strive to bring our customers the best products available, but that doesn't mean that we're infallible. There is always room for improvement and sometimes all it takes is a conversation with one of our Sales Engineers to get the ball rolling, as Ritelift in London, recently discovered. Ritelift had an Ableforge CB-II chain block as a demo product. They were pleased with the block but had some feedback regarding the design of the bottom block. Specifically, they didn't like the way that the nut and bolt protrudes on the bottom hook block, they pointed out that there is a chance the nut/bolt could get caught and shear if lifting close to something. So our James Porter got in touch with Ableforge to discuss how to improve the design. Ableforge policy is of continuous imp...
  • Weather resistant outdoor hoists, from LoadGuard

    Something you might not know about LoadGuard® hoists, is that they can easily be supplied for long term outdoor use. Just recently we worked with our sales partner, Adlib Audio, to supply these weatherproof hoists to their customer P & L Sound & Lighting. These hoists have been outdoors by the sea for over 3 months throughout the summer at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre. Thanks to the weatherproofing options, the hoists have been running faultlessly in all conditions requiring no remedial actions or replacement parts. These hoists are certified IP65 Class (Ingress Protection), which means they are totally protected against dust ingress and protected against low pressure water jets from any direction (i.e. Rain). Take a look at some of the features of these hoists: Gal...
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